Effectively balance demand and supply to drive top- and bottom-line value

Building the most effective plan to satisfy customer needs ranks at the top of every company’s priority list. It requires true collaboration amongst Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain Planning. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) provides the process to do it. Also referred to as integrated business planning, S&OP begins with the creation of a consensus demand forecast and overlays supply chain constraints to arrive at a 3- to 24-month plan.

A single cross-functional view of enterprise demand and supply

Antuit helps organizations assemble relevant data through supply chain planning from across the organization into a dashboard through integrated business planning. Teams can view projected demand and supply imbalances against real-time demand forecasts and supply plans. Armed with this information, cross-functional teams can collaborate to propose and arrive at alternative scenarios to satisfy customer demand.

Antuit’s S&OP Dashboard is a plug-and-play solution that brings together data from various systems to offer a single coherent view of the entire supply chain. To improve Sales and Operations Planning process and drive real value, you no longer need a complex system that takes months to implement.

The benefits of formalizing your S&OP process

Within 15 weeks, your organization can begin leveraging the Antuit S&OP Dashboard to reduce total planning cycle time and achieve:

  • Improved customer service – Identify problems before they occur.
  • Reduced inventories and obsolescence – Only build what you need.
  • Better managed new product introductions – The impact of a new product is no longer a surprise.
  • Enhanced collaboration via a single cross-functional view that drives both executive team decisions and operations – Everyone beats to the same drum.
  • Increased communications and teamwork – Build trust and accountability across the organization
  • Improved reliability of financial forecasts–Realistic projections lead to predictable business outcomes