Test Now. Reduce Risk. Raise Returns.

When it comes to influencing consumer purchasing behaviors, companies have multiple tools at their disposal including in-store discounts, coupons, planogram changes and more. Done correctly on a large scale, promotional campaigns can drive millions in incremental revenue.

But one size does not fit all. Campaigns that work for one location or product may not necessarily work for another. “Test and Learn” programs help companies measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns to gain visibility into performance prior to a full-scale roll-out through predictive marketing.

Proven analytical approaches guide more effective promotions

Antuit’s Test And Learn solution offers companies the promotional crystal ball they crave. By incorporating a wide range of internal data, such as historical sales performance, by implementing predictive analytics for marketing and external data, such as localized demographics, Antuit’s Test And Learn solution including predictive marketing analytics ensures that clients get the most accurate projections of revenue lift from promotions. Antuit uniquely groups test and control participants, uses rigorous statistical matching processes and even creates ‘psuedo-controls’ when existing control locations are sub-optimal.

With the crucial insights derived from Antuit’s Test And Learn program, planners and marketers make smarter decisions regarding where, when and how to launch campaigns, ensuring maximum impact on sales lift, brand loyalty and revenue.

Substantial gains from data-driven decisions

Antuit’s Test And Learn delivers planning tools to execute more effective national campaigns.

  • Measure the incremental impact of campaigns with confidence—revenue lift as small as 0.1% can be quantified with accuracy

  • Predict market-by-market performance of future campaigns

  • Gain insight into the demographic profiles of top-performing test locations

  • Access tangible assets, such as searchable databases, to better plan future campaigns

  • Provide full transparency on analytical models and best practices