Gain new insights into the levers that affect your business 

Although direct selling has much in common with retail, it also has unique features and poses unique challenges — for example, your customers are also your salespeople, or what we call your independent sales representatives (ISRs). It's critical to find ways to maximize sales to your ISRs by motivating them to sell and supporting their efforts.

Sharpen the focus on your sales force

Antuit delivers data-driven, actionable analytical insights to help you identify and link sales force behaviors to future performance, growth, retention, achievements and lifetime value.

Typically, the selling "lifecycle" of the average ISR is characterized by rapid initial growth, followed by a plateau and increasing risk of attrition. Given the turnover rate of ISRs, sales force management requires the singular focus of advanced analytics to:

  • Identify high-potential ISRs early in their careers
  • Detect and manage attrition risk
  • Shape the sales and marketing strategy based on an ISR’s unique profile

Optimize ISR earnings and maximize satisfaction

Antuit's simulation platform can help you determine the optimal commission and bonus structures  to maximize ISR satisfaction — among individual salespeople as well as their leaders — while preserving your sales and growth objectives.

Understand your genealogy

The "families" created through ISR recruitment can produce complicated genealogies. Our tools enable you to clearly  visualize family genealogy and review sales, earnings and family growth. Armed with this data, you can see  how structural changes, mentoring and sales incentives affect the performance of different units and the "heads" of families.

Analyze, simulate and fine-tune your sales and marketing spend

Through the use of sophisticated models, we'll help you understand which pricing, promotion, advertising and incentive programs drive the greatest sales growth, whom they reach, and the associated ROI — and we can run these models at an individual ISR level to demonstrate how different types of spends impact and drive sales for each individual. These models can support your planning and decision-making, empowering you to take the optimal approach for future investments.