Drive Revenue Growth by Maximizing Pricing, Promotions, and Marketing

Our Revenue Growth Management Solution, powered by real-time AI, determines which promotions will incrementally drive revenue growth. Gone are the days of formulating promotional strategies using inaccurate and obsolete information. Our Solution offers automated decisions that maximize profit margins while growing market share.

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Trade Management

Every part of the trade management process is automated for optimization to improve profit margins and reduce inefficiencies. Our Solutions enable teams to make wiser decisions when determining which TPRs or promotional giveaways to deploy, the duration of the promotions and which weeks provide the most favorable sales opportunities.


Trade Promotion

By incorporating AI-powered solutions, companies can determine which trade promotions provide the most benefit. Antuit's Solutions enable teams to generate multiple what-if scenarios using real-time data and historical information, providing the best recommendations.

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Optimizing Your Strategic List Price

Not all market share and pricing issues can be resolved through promotions. Over time, pricing competitiveness and market relevance need to be re-evaluated and measured. Our Solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help teams uncover strategic pricing advantages. Using our Solutions, enterprises can determine the best market share model and pricing approach to increase increment sales, market share, and revenue.

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