Address Data Engineering and Reporting Design to Maximize Impact

According to a recent survey conducted by Forrester research, 58% of business leaders believe that newer visualization and data reporting technologies are the strongest driver of innovation. Yet most organizations continue to face challenges in adoption:

  • Data engineering efficiency – Companies still spend more time on compiling and integrating data as opposed to analyzing it
  • Reporting design – Most firms treat newer visualization technologies as a migration effort from existing BI reports instead of a complete rethink of their decision processes in a data rich world

Companies must address both challenges simultaneously to harness data and drive decisions. This is why Antuit focuses on data engineering as well as decision process redesign in our Reporting and Advanced Visualization practice. Our comprehensive suite of data engineering and business intelligence solutions address these challenges across a wide range of industries—Retail, Consumer Brands, Industrials, Financial Services and more. We also provide custom solutions that can address a specific problem within your business.

Our Suite of Solutions

Our solution framework covers all aspects of the analytics lifecycle, from data management and business intelligence to predictive and advanced analytics.


Our business intelligence solutions cover

  • Sales & Marketing (marketing effectiveness, campaign score cards, marketing ROI, sales team effectiveness, pipeline conversion)
  • Brand health monitoring (Social listening, Sentiments, Loyalty & Attrition)
  • Customer service and contact center analytics (NPS monitoring, skyline and snowballs analysis, service rep and center effectiveness dashboards
  • Supply chain analytics (cost to serve, backlog and cycle time analysis, fulfillment, BOM analysis, supplier performance dashboards)

Our data management solution covers both traditional and big data

  • Operations management solutions include warehousing and managed services
  • Advisory solutions consist of diagnostics and optimization services
Our Expertise

We specialize in Qlikview, Power BI, Tableau, SAS, Pentaho, Microstrategy, Advanced Excel, Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server and SAP.