Promotion Optimization

Half of all consumer products purchased are bought “on promotion.” The marketing and promotional strategies landscape continues to be fueled by price-driven promotions as retailers and manufacturers combat channel erosion and rampant SKU proliferation. Consequently, trading partners are relying more on weekly circulars to stand out in a crowded marketplace. However, the circular typically doesn’t receive the same level of scrutiny as other competitive pricing strategies due to its frequency, rapidly-changing variables and complex workflows.

To solve this problem, Antuit developed AD-IN™, the industry’s first circular optimization solution. AD-IN, built on Antuit’s Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), combines sophisticated, pooled-demand forecasting, predictive analytics, pricing analytics, price optimization models and customer relevancy scores to optimize the entire ad circular. AD-IN models alternative prices for promotional offers to maximize performance in terms of sales, profits and/or subsidy levels. AD-IN also uses price elasticities, new product pricing and household/shopper segmentation to optimize the circular’s assortment, while adhering to the relevant business rules.

Antuit’s AD-IN Advantage
  • Improve margin by 8%+, even on temporary price reductions

  • Increase trips by 1%+

  • Understand the circular’s ability to impact sales, margin,
    trips, basket size and household penetration

  • Improve customer relevancy through pricing analytics

  • Ensure rapid time to value

  • Leverage easy to use UI and seamless user experience to minimize disruption

  • Minimize IT requirements with ASP model

  • Ensure maximum value with ongoing support and oversight