Dynamic Pricing

Think the rules of pricing haven’t changed? In the time it takes to read this web page, Amazon can change prices on its two million SKUs. Leading companies leverage advanced analytics to make sure the optimal price is offered to the right audience at the right time.

Antuit brings a level of price optimization analytics, insights and predictability to the rest of the retailing world. Specifically, Antuit enables clients to predict how many units a SKU will sell at various price points, then combines this data set with unit costs. This allows Antuit practitioners to create revenue and margin curves, and see how the P&L is impacted by different price points.

The Antuit Advantage

Gain more than 100 basis points - Antuit’s Dynamic Pricing Solution (DPS) automatically integrates client-specific business rules, transactional sales data, competitive datasets and advanced algorithms, to deliver predictive pricing models through dynamic pricing strategy that increase performance by more than 100 basis points in revenue and margin.

Rapid Time-to-Value - Live in 15 Weeks: Implementing Antuit’s Dynamic Pricing Model does not require an enterprise to overhaul its IT infrastructure. Antuit deploys a modular approach to implementation, which provides a faster ROI, minimizes risk and facilitates adoption.

Competitive Differentiation - The Antuit DPS uses advanced, proprietary algorithms and price optimization analytics that have been proven in the marketplace time and time again.

Easy-to-Use, Customized Solution - DPS is not a “black box” solution. It’s a custom-tailored system configured to fit within existing workflows. All dashboards and reporting systems use the client’s business rules and parameters, and operate within predefined guardrails. When needed, DPS can also optimize guardrails as understanding increases.

Constant Improvement via Machine Learning - Antuit’s Dynamic Pricing Model uses machine learning to improve predictability over time, which transforms business intelligence into business wisdom.