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Our Predictive Ordering Solution enables sales teams to deliver the right product, with the right quantity at the right time to customers. By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning, direct-sales-delivery teams receive real-time inventory and sales information from reliable data. Our Solution eliminates lost sales from out-of-stocks and waste from over-stocks while optimizing for product freshness. The results are improved forecast management and a significant increase in profitability.


Granular Forecasting

Capturing demand signals at a granular level is crucial for developing an accurate forecast and product inventory. Even today, many companies continue to use traditional approaches for developing forecasts resulting in inaccurate demand signals leading to out-of-stocks. Our Predictive Ordering Solution uses AI analytics to an aggregated forecast by factoring in current and relevant signals, like weather, inventory, POS data, actual promotional off-take, cannibalization, and new product performance.

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On-the-Shelf Accuracy

Actual demand and order quantities are fed back into the machine learning model to maximize forecasting and product demand accuracy. The real-time data captured during the sales process enables companies to base yearly inventory forecasts based on real information. With on-the-shelf precision, companies can eliminate waste while optimizing product freshness and availability.

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Intuitive Interface

Our intuitive user interface fits seamlessly into your fulfillment and order management workflow, deployed via the cloud, designed for ease of use and instant access. Delivery teams are empowered with predictive ordering knowledge, removing the guesswork at all levels from the warehouse to the shelf.

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