Give Customers the Personal Touch That They Expect

Enough is enough. With the plethora of data, the unbelievable willingness of customers to provide information, and the power of technology, it’s unfortunate how many poor offers are delivered. Under the guise of personalization, these are mass market communications that don't provide individualized engagements, experiences, or offers.

It’s not your fault. You can only do what you have the tools and time for. Most providers aren’t giving you what you know you need – the ability to deliver the right content, the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel that meets your objectives.

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Personalization Challenges

Antuit's Senior Vice President of Personalization, Anthony Wintheiser, talks about the challenges of personalization.

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Deliver 1:1 Offers at Scale

We don’t force customers in artificial groups. We drive to the individual to understand their intent, preferences, and behaviors. With this information, we take the guesswork out of delivering messages, offers and recommendations to consistently deliver offers that are not only relevant to each customer, but also drive incremental value.


Deliver Anywhere at any Point in Time

Mobile, text, email, kiosk, POS – doesn’t matter. 1 week ahead, at 10 am that day, at POS, when checking in – no issues.

Our solution supports all channels and allows you to deliver at the right time based upon what will impact each customer and deliver results.


Understand What’s Given, But Not Said

Customers aren’t going to blatantly tell you everything about themselves. At some point they expect you to understand, because it’s obvious to them. Our solution can infer what is driving purchases and recommend relevant offers that drive incremental value.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Vertical

Personalization and customer experience is essential for every business, but the factors that drive loyalty are different across industries. We have a customer loyalty solution specific to your business and objectives.

Personalization Solution – For Restaurants

Unleash consumer's pent-up demand for restaurant services and cater to their rapidly shifting tastes with AI technology. Earn their loyalty while increasing sales, visits, balancing time of day, and including interaction points such as mobile orders, in-store orders, pickup, and drive-thru.

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Personalization Solution – For Retail

Stop putting your customers into groups that don't make sense. Live up to their expectations using AI technology to deliver tailored offers that they want without while also building sales, baskets, and improving margins by not giving products away arbitrarily.

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