Scale Personalization Across Millions of Touch Points 

Digital savvy consumers demand personalization across all touch points.  Companies that fail to engage risk losing valuable customers. Mass marketing, mass messaging, mass delivery of communications is obsolete. Consumers no longer tolerate being considered one of many, buried in mass created, mass distributed marketing messages.

Today, consumers expect personalized engagement from the brands they love and trust. If not, the options are plenty, and with a simple click, consumers can shop elsewhere. 

We understand the importance of personalization and delivering the right message at the right time to the right consumer.

Personalization results stats

Personalization Challenges

Antuit's Senior Vice President of Personalization, Anthony Wintheiser, talks about the challenges of personalization.

Deliver Personalized Omni-Channel Consumer Experience at Scale

We take the guesswork out of consistently delivering individualized messages, offers, and product recommendations to your consumers – no matter where they are.

Our Personalization engine goes beyond the basics to predict intent and individualize the shopper’s experience. Deploying Antuit’s Personalization Solution across all touch points creates a seamless, omni-channel consumer journey. 


Drive Incremental Sales With Personalization  

Our Personalization Solution enables teams to make real-time, promotional decisions to drive incremental sales from all touch points. For retailers and consumer products companies, discovering hidden margins and securing impulse sales is crucial in today’s highly competitive and fragmented market.


Intuitive Dashboard for Instant Insights

Our Personalization dashboard is designed to intuitively convey important insights allowing teams to identify opportunities in real-time, make decisions, and communicate internally more efficiently.

Intuitive Dashboard for Instant Insights