Demand more from your pricing strategies.

A one-size-fits-all approach to pricing isn’t enough to remain competitive. You need to react quickly to changes in consumer and competitor behavior by implementing differentiated and personalized pricing tactics.

Antuit enables you to predict and measure how pricing levers will impact demand, revenue and margin. We bring together analytical, operational and domain expertise to optimize pricing decisions at a granular and enterprise level, while dramatically improving margins, increasing revenue and boosting sell-through. This leads to breakthrough results like these:

Life cycle Pricing results stats

Base Pricing

Uncover insights into base pricing by analyzing the combination of shopper behaviors and competition-based pricing efforts. By also considering product and market price sensitivity, Antuit’s predictive modeling and price optimization capability enables retailers to identify “tipping points” driven by base prices.


Dynamic Pricing

Build predictive pricing models through the integration of client-specific business rules, transactional sales data, competitive data sets and advanced algorithms. The resulting dynamic pricing strategy increases performance by more than 100 basis points in revenue and margin.


Markdown Optimization

Leverage predictive pricing models, marketing mix tools and shopper behaviors to determine the optimal markdown strategy. Empowered by insight and visibility, you can increase sales velocity while protecting prices and margins from unwarranted reductions. Antuit helps you deliver significant ROI, realizing a 2-5% margin increase in clearance volume under management and 3-10% reduction in inventory.

Markdown Optimization

Promotion Optimization

Combine sophisticated pooled-demand forecasting, predictive analytics, pricing analytics, price optimization models and customer relevancy scores to optimize your entire ad circular. Achieve an average ROI increase between 1-5% on promotional campaigns, depending on level of optimization versus management and type of retail.