Social sentiment. Business insights.

Social media activities offer brands the ability to understand what matters to customers across the globe. But, setting successful strategies to increase loyalty, engagement and sales based upon millions of posts, tweets, pins and shares is an impossible task without the help of robust sentiment analysis tools to illuminate the trends, influencers, and content that can help move the needle.

Full suite of tailored solutions

Antuit offers a full suite of social media solutions that mine data  on behavior and sentiment, ultimately answering your questions: What is the magnitude of the conversation? What content and campaigns are working? Which trends and key words are important? Who are the influencers? When are the conversations happening?

Our solutions are tailored to address your critical needs:

  • Brand health insights - Benchmark important trends in social conversations, actions and competitive activities to help drive engagement
  • Crisis prevention & monitoring - Monitor sentiment in real time and create "early warning" alerts on new or developing issues
  • Social campaign optimization - Measure and optimize for key metrics throughout the lifetime of the campaign, including conversion and virality
  • Social in sync - Connect the dots between customer profiles and campaign and/or customer service performance