Unified framework to optimize marketing spend

As digital channels continue to proliferate at an incredibly fast pace, marketers face the complicated challenge of selectively investing in channels and customers that will bring them the highest return on investment.

Classically, aggregated investments in media channels, which include offline and online digital channels, are optimized using a top-down approach such as market-mix modeling. Conversely, the most impactful digital channels are typically identified by a bottom-up approach such as digital attribution modeling. With the share of spend in digital channels growing rapidly these problems can no longer be approached separately. To address this challenge, Antuit has developed a unified framework for multi-touch attribution.

Using our proprietary methodology, we connect digital attribution with marketing mix models to help you understand the impact of all marketing and media–from aggregated channel views to user-level interactions. Our tools help you take action through optimization models, budget recommendations and interaction frequency recommendations.

At the core of this framework is our deep understanding of the complex data streams that drive these models. Antuit simplifies this complexity by drilling down into the wide variety of data generated by those channels, applying the suitable transformations, and building models to help you make investment decisions based on desired business outcomes, rather than historical investment levels.

We use advanced analytics designed to deal with the complexities of modern marketing.

Our techniques have distinct advantages over traditional modeling techniques:

  • We provide greater predictive power by identifying true cause and effect that captures multi-layered interrelationships between channels. Classical models ignore these relationships.
  • We capture the time impact of investments on media channels at the most granular level.
  • We algorithmically allocate weights rather than depending on a rule-based approach such as “first click,” “last click,” or “time-decay.”
  • Our methodology avoids over-fitting data and handles sparse data by using adaptive control methods.

We integrate our attribution solutions with demand side platforms and ad-exchanges for real-time orchestration. For optimizing, planning, and maximizing ROI, we build simulator tools that deliver results through intuitive dashboards accessible through multiple devices.