Perfect the Customer Experience. Improve Business Performance.

Top-performing companies know that improving customer experience—all areas where customers touch the business and brandincreases competitive advantage and customer loyalty. In fact, 50-70% of all customer contacts don’t need to happen at all. What’s more, 80% of customer calls are not related to customer service issues. Understanding why customers reach out—and what can be done to remedy issues before a customer ever picks up a phone or sends an email, chat or text message—offers crucial insights and action plans. As a result, companies can increase the value they offer customers—from better service to better products.

This process, which encompasses identifying customer issues; assigning ownership to issue resolution; eliminating "dumb" contacts based on needless errors or confusion; and collecting, analyzing and disseminating data to do all of this, is often complicated. Companies realize that it is best to resolve customer issues in the first contact (FCR), but find it hard to establish a reliable system that measures repeat contacts, and even more difficult to reduce them.

Without proper experience or insight, companies will struggle to understand where to focus efforts. Instituting internal systems can be confusing, time-consuming and costly, and fall short of the ultimate goal of wowing customers.

Applying the Principles of Best Service

Led by experts from top eCommerce companies, Antuit delivers a tested methodology that helps companies identify and streamline the entire universe of customer interactions to create more efficient responses and happier customers. Antuit has a four-step approach to helping clients achieve omni-channel customer service excellence.

  1. Understand the specific issues facing the client's customer service teams, and use the Seven Principles of Best Service to create a framework that guides them.
  2. Gather data from web, call center, email, social media, chat, texts, in-store, and other key areas to organize and analyze reasons for customer contact. The key to developing an effective contact codes list is ensuring that coding is neither excessive or under-serving needs.
  3. Employ Pareto optimization methodologies to focus on areas of improvement and categorize the action to take for each outreach. The focus is on First Call Resolution, to identify issues that snowball, creating cascades of customer outreaches.
  4. Institute ongoing “Skyline” reporting systems that help track and improve cross-functional efforts.
Savings & Satisfaction Benefits

Antuit’s customer service methodologies help clients decrease call center volume. For a company with 2 million customers/subscribers, this translates into $2 million dollars in operational cost savings and increase of 10-20% in customer satisfaction scores.

Other benefits include:

  • Reducing “snowballing” issues by identifying steps to improve process, response, even product
  • Improving key metrics, such as FCR, NPS and CES
  • Identifing stronger customer retention tactics
  • Forecasting demand for call-center support to provide better service in key times