Leverage Artificial Intelligence for dramatic improvement in forecast accuracy and planner adoption

Consumer Goods organizations struggle with using multiple versions of the demand signal, coming from multiple systems, to drive their decisions resulting in margin leakage and service level issues.

Antuit has the industry’s first driver-based Demand Forecasting and Planning cloud solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We deliver dramatic forecast accuracy improvement and enable planner adoption. When combined with DSD Predictive Ordering and Trade Promotion, the entire solution delivers the intelligence to predict and shape demand.


It’s time to demand more

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, the promise of better forecasting is now a reality – if someone knows how to properly apply AI.  Watch this short video to learn more about what you could achieve (and maybe be a little entertained).

Demand Forecasting

Our AI forecasting model decomposes the historical signal into base demand and various demand driver elasticities. Dynamic Aggregation determines the optimal level to forecast base demand. Then we apply multiple time series and machine learning models to compete on providing the best forecast. Finally, we overlay elasticities of future events and the promotional calendar to create a final demand.

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DSD Predictive Ordering

We enable Consumer Goods DSD (Direct-Store-Delivery) sales teams to optimally fulfill retail shelves with AI-powered predictive intelligence. By combining AI with an intuitive user experience, frontline delivery teams receive more accurate suggested orders based on consumer demand, promotions, events, and inventory. Our solution improves product availability, reducing lost sales from out-of-stocks and waste from over-stocks, driving higher margins.

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“Antuit makes our business better by helping us make better decisions.  The team we have from Antuit is the best team we have worked with, and will work with. That is why we want to continue working with them.”

- Consumer Goods Company Executive


Demand Sensing

Short-term demand forecasting bridges the gap between planning and execution by leveraging current data – demand plans, promotions, orders, shipments and inventory – with external information such as POS data, retailer inventory, weather and local events. Instead of relying on simplistic sales-based ratios, AI-powered techniques generate highly granular and scalable demand signal – down to SKU/Location/Day – for more accurate demand fulfillment.

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Amazon Channel Forecasting

Sales through Amazon now rival volumes sold through traditional retailers for many Consumer Goods companies. Our Amazon Channel Forecasting capability significantly improves accuracy by incorporating the new data elements that Amazon provides, such as page views, stockout ratio, and lost buy box, that traditional forecasting algorithms cannot utilize. We also consider the promotion and price matching behavior expected in the online world.

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Collaborative Planning

Demand Planners’ interactions with system-generated forecasts are more effective and relevant when you deploy “AI in the UI”. Our ML solution continuously learns where humans have an edge and where the model outperforms humans. The forecast is segmented into “no-touch” and “need-review”, and the planners are guided, using AI, to provide meaningful enrichment. The result, improved planner productivity and more accurate planning feeding upstream and downstream.

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