Unstructured and semi-structured data have IT departments rethinking their big data  infrastructures. Traditional technologies simply can’t handle the size and speed of these new data sources efficiently and affordably.

Antuit’s managed data infrastructure solution helps you evaluate and choose the best data management platform for your evolving needs. Our database and infrastructure experts guide you through the big data world. Together, we create a reliable, scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure.

Develop a reliable, scalable big data platform

Customize your big data architecture to address specific requirements and workloads. Our data and tech experts are here to assist you with selecting from a variety of architectures and flexible network designs.

Develop a reliable, scalable big data platform that grows with your enterprise

Gain critical insights quickly to plan and execute strategies

Ensure your data generates valuable, actionable insights with the help of our big data experts. Meet customer demands by using those insights to quickly adapt to market changes and roll out new services. We provide you with the necessary technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors, technologies, and geographies. 

Gain critical insights quickly to plan and execute strategies

Minimize costs and reduce operational burden 

Leverage Antuit's domain knowledge to ensure compliance and streamline cloud operations. By maximizing cost-effectiveness, we can focus more on employing data engineering and insights to identify and capitalize on forward integration opportunities. Optimize your resources by turning to Antuit.

Optimize costs and reduce operational burden

Access on-going monitoring, maintenance and support 

We’re an SLA-driven provider that offers 24/7 monitoring and administration services for data platforms. We provide end-to-end management for any platform (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc), and use a reliable management tool, such as Cloudcheckr, for cloud management and governance services.

Access on-going monitoring, maintenance and support