Many companies wrestle with a profound data problem: Their data architectures must handle more and more data generated faster every day, but current data processing tools are either too expensive or can’t handle the workload. At the same time, new tools are flooding the market that may—or may not—be the right fit.

Antuit delivers a detailed data architecture roadmap, customized to your goals, requirements and team. We analyze your organization’s readiness to stand up a new data platform that can support business intelligence and advanced analytics at scale, and provide clear recommendations for a modern, adaptive data platform designed to help you make faster, smarter decisions through advanced analytics and reporting.

Become an agile, data-driven organization

Get actionable insights by leveraging your data in new ways and gain competitive advantages. Antuit’s data engineers specialize in creating modern, scalable data architectures that seamlessly integrate advanced analytical processing into your daily operations.

Become an agile

Access data engineering experts 

Partner your IT and business stakeholders with Antuit’s data engineering experts. Together, we’ll create an accurate picture of your current data infrastructure’s capabilities and detail the business requirements driving the need for a next-generation data platform.

Access data engine

Leverage a detailed data architecture roadmap

Understand your organization’s readiness to deploy a new data platform that can support business intelligence and advanced analytics at scale. We then provide clear recommendations for a scalable, adaptive data platform that will enable you to make faster, smarter decisions.

Leverage a detailed

Accelerate time to value

The diagnostic takes just two weeks, with final deliverables presented to you at an onsite meeting. We conduct interviews and gather information during the first week. During the second week, we create the proposed architecture and write supporting documentation.

Accelerate time to value