Big data projects must realize business value quickly – or else risk failure. You need processes and systems that make gathering, storing, extracting, aggregating and transforming your data easy and efficient. Antuit aligns leading data technology experts with business and industry sector expertise to meet any big data challenge you have. We help you design, build and deploy the data architecture you need for faster, smarter decision-making.

We provide strategic guidance and expert services to empower our clients to become data-driven organizations. Our cloud-based architectures give our customers a single, secured platform that can handle advanced analytics and reporting workloads of any scale or complexity.

Enable real-time streaming data pipelines

Build and consume an intelligent, secure, big data foundation, and integrated analytics engines in your data center or a public cloud provider. We design, build and administer modern data platforms for our clients.  These are usually built on a public cloud provider like AWS or Azure, and often (but not always) utilize the Hadoop ecosystem.


Accelerate your time to value

Predict and automate business outcomes to make intelligent decisions quickly. Access experts in cutting-edge data engineering and analytics techniques, while leveraging common build and development processes to ensure high velocity and high quality during projects.


Innovate with deeper insights and predictions

Identify and apply emerging technologies to industry-specific use cases. Make large and complex data sets accessible to end users – and increase decision-making velocity.

Innovate with deeper insights and predictions

Increase return on investment

Leverage best-of-breed, open source solutions that are not tied to native services provided by AWS/Azure/etc. This ensures cloud provider portability without incurring large amounts of technical debt. Limit dependency on expensive, proprietary software solutions that don't meet your needs.

Increase return on investment