Build an adaptive, modern framework that unlocks the hidden value in your data

Most businesses focus on collecting data for data’s sake, without leveraging it to unlock demand across the enterprise. Antuit builds adaptive, modern data frameworks that empower organizations to unleash the hidden value in data — and we build them fast, so you can start realizing ROI in weeks, not months.

To meet the growing business demands on your data, you need a platform that brings the speed, power and flexibility required to analyze data at scale, so you can:

  • Break down information silos
  • Ask more ‘what if’ questions without impacting business-critical system performance
  • Harmonize data to gain business insights across your organization
  • Analyze data whenever you need it
  • Answer questions from business partners faster and more accurately
  • React quickly to new opportunities
  • Visualize insights for broader consumption

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Big Data Design & Build


Data Integration


Data Visualization


Managed Infrastructure Support Services

Harness the building blocks of Big Data

The explosion of interest in analytics spawned a new generation of data processing tools to handle increasingly complex workloads. We work with your existing toolset, complementing it when necessary with open source tools.