Outsmart hackers at their own game Antuit delivers data-driven, intelligence-led cyber solutions that you can't get from any other firm:

  • Not just big data the right data: Our proprietary algorithms unearth the statistically relevant clues buried deep inside thousands of data sources.
  • Unparalleled intelligence: Drawing on their extensive experience in the cyber trenches, our experts interpret the analytics to provide predictive, proactive and actionable insights tailored to your environments and infrastructures.
  • Antuit’s inside-out/outside-in approach: You'll be armed with a cyber security framework that couples cyber defense with cyber offense. Our intelligence-led solutions uncover internal security gaps, and provide comprehensive profiles of the threats that are targeting your organization —and why.

How your company can benefit from our cyber analytic solutions: Cyber consulting solutions

  • Identify and manage risk: Cyber Strategies, Policies and Standards; Security Risk Assessment;  Vulnerability Management
  • Protect and educate: Security Awareness Program; Security Technology Embedment
  • Detect threats and collaborate: Cyber Threat Intelligence; Security Project Management
  • Respond and recover: Security Incident Response

Cyber subscription service Our game-changing subscription model delivers improved visibility of the ever-evolving threat landscape. The service features:

  • Daily/intraday cyber security updates and threat-intelligence reports
  • Monthly "outside in" vulnerability analysis
  • Cyber security education
  • Cyber incident response

Our commitment to your security — today and tomorrow Your company will be fortified with the ability to put stop-gap measures in place now, and to implement permanent solutions that protect you in the future. You will be:

  • Less attractive to hackers: Cyber attackers want easy prey. Antuit is committed to ensuring that perpetrators pass on your organization and move on to an easier target.
  • Able to respond quickly: If a breach occurs, the response will be timely, efficient and have minimal negative on your organization.
  • Confident in your defenses: You can concentrate on your business, secure in the knowledge that your cyber defenses are formidable, agile and forward-looking.