Antuit Launches CYFIRMA, a Cybersecurity Division Delivering
AI-Driven Threat Intelligence

Antuit is proud to announce the launch of CYFIRMA, our new cybersecurity division. A natural extension of our analytics expertise, CYFIRMA offers market-leading cyberthreat visibility products and services.

CYFIRMA helps companies optimise their security posture and better allocate often limited security resources, talent and funds. The division’s products and services significantly reduce security risks while lowering overall security costs, making information available every day to clients for optimal security governance and control configuration.

CYFIRMA defends against cyberattacks by supplying organizations with real-time threat intelligence that enables them to take a more proactive security approach. By aggregating, correlating and analyzing information from hundreds of thousands of data sources, CYFIRMA, helps companies understand what types of attacks are most likely to occur, and provide the most effective response.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, CYFIRMA’s flagship platform delivers comprehensive, real-time insights into emerging cyberthreats, attack motives and methods—customized to a client’s industry and IT environment. CYFIRMA’s threat intelligence predicts and simulates potential security breaches before they occur, enabling clients to evade compromise by WannaCry, Petya, Bad Rabbit and other significant cyberbreaches in 2017.

The rapid escalation and sophistication in type and level of attacks in recent years means that to effectively manage cyber risk, organizations must more fully understand the cybercriminals they are up against. There is now a clear requirement for improved application of contextual cyberthreat intelligence to a company’s overall cybersecurity posture—including its strategic, management and technical layers—not just its tactical security controls.