CHALLENGE: Modernize Internal Planning and Fulfillment Systems at 130-Year Old Company

Belk, a leading retail department store with almost 300 stores and an online storefront wanted to build a predictive analytics capability to ultimately yield accurate financial forecasts, allowing merchandisers to plan future product purchases and allocate the appropriate amount of product to each store.

SOLUTION:  Integrated Forecasting Solution (IFS)

Prognos, an Antuit company, leveraged its proprietary Integrated Forecasting Solution (IFS). When integrated with Belk's ERP and other planning system, IFS was able to:

  • Generate an accurate enterprise demand signal feeding into all business functions
  • Account for seasonality, promotions, events and other relevant variables
  • Drive improved planning and fulfillment at the SKU level across the entire organization

Outcome: Improved Topline Growth and Gross Margin

With the predictive insights from Prognos’ IFS solution, Belk can now accurately forecast, plan and manage inventory in a way that contributes more dollars to the bottom line.