A Helping Hand for Today’s Unprecedented Environment

In response to our clients’ requests in this trying period, antuit.ai is focused on helping companies make sense of the current volatile demand patterns and prepare for what’s next. Our rapid response teams can deliver insights to your organization as the current situation evolves and help you make intelligent decisions for your business go-forward. Since our goal is to provide immediate relief, there are no implementation costs or long-term commitments.

Demand Response Analysis

With the shifting demand you need to rapidly analyze multiple areas and dimensions to make necessary execution adjustments. Some areas we help with include:

  • Providing demand sensing for agile replenishment, allocation, and production.
  • Gaining insights into channel shifts and buying behavior.
  • Delivering intelligence into demand transference across
    products, categories, and channels to optimize inventory
    and market share opportunities.
  • Testing various hypothesizes of the effects on consumer behavior over different regions and then
    leveraging the newfound predictors into production, replenishment, and allocation decisions
We can conduct a one-time analysis or an on-going weekly analysis depending on your needs.


Your current spreadsheet or forecasting engine may not be able to manage these new dynamics. Therefore, we are providing our AI forecasting and expertise to anticipate and keep up with this changing demand. If you are unfamiliar with our forecasting solution, it is the cornerstone of our business, and we are recognized for our forecast accuracy and ability to decipher demand drivers. For companies in need, we are now providing this as a service.