Quick, Responsive Analysis to Move Forward.

These are uneasy times. There are amazing people keeping things moving, yet we all are adjusting to the situation day-by-day while preparing for what’s next.

As the current situation evolves, our Rapid Response Solutions will deliver insights within days of engaging with antuit.ai so you can plan, respond quickly to changes, and navigate these difficult times. Since you need immediate relief, there aren’t any implementation costs or long-term commitments. We can get you through this.

Retail Inventory Simulator

Demonstration Video

Fashion & apparel retailers are sitting on billions of dollars of aged inventory that they must expeditiously convert to cash when stores reopen. Unfortunately, our research shows the demand is dramatically changing, and almost no retailer has budgeted what is now required to exit the inventory. So how are retailers to sell-through their current merchandise, balance it against their incoming receipts, and free-up their open-to-buy for future purchases?

This is a unique situation. There are no prior playbooks for merchants to use, and worse, most retailers are operating with a skeleton crew while trying to answer questions that they have never had to ponder before. But there are answers to be found. Leveraging insights from other markets and combining them with readily accessible retail data, antuit.ai’s quantifies the budget necessary to exit their inventory and prioritizes its allocation across merchandise. This solution is already in use at fashion and apparel retailers, helping them answer questions such as:

  • What will the demand be as stores reopen?
  • How does a gradual store reopening and customer price elasticity changes affect demand?
  • What is the level of investment required to turn inventory across channels?
  • How should the budget be prioritized if the investment is greater than the requirements?
  • How does the flow of new receipts affect current inventory demand and shifts?
  • What is the right discounting to exit my aged inventory to maximize return

Retail Inventory Simulator (PDF)

Demand Response Analysis

With the shifting demand you need to rapidly analyze multiple areas and dimensions to make necessary execution adjustments. Some areas we help with include:

  • Providing demand sensing for agile replenishment, allocation, and production.
  • Gaining insights into channel shifts and buying behavior.
  • Delivering intelligence into demand transference across
    products, categories, and channels to optimize inventory
    and market share opportunities.
  • Testing various hypothesizes of the effects on consumer behavior over different regions and then
    leveraging the newfound predictors into production, replenishment, and allocation decisions
We can conduct a one-time analysis or an on-going weekly analysis depending on your needs.


Your current spreadsheet or forecasting engine may not be able to manage these new dynamics. Therefore, we are providing our AI forecasting and expertise to anticipate and keep up with this changing demand. If you are unfamiliar with our forecasting solution, it is the cornerstone of our business, and we are recognized for our forecast accuracy and ability to decipher demand drivers. For companies in need, we are now providing this as a service.


Rapid Response Solutions:  Consumer Products (PDF)