Using Artificial Intelligence to Personalize Every Customer’s Offer

Restaurateurs operate in a highly competitive environment, amidst rapidly evolving consumer food preferences, along with the explosion of mobile & social applications. Surviving requires understanding customers and technologies. But thriving requires providing every customer with the right incentive, and delivering what they expect, when they expect it, every time.

Antuit partners with you to maximize your customer's lifetime value. Guided by your company's objectives, our AI Personalization Engine creates a personalized engagement offer for each customer - the right content, the right offer, delivered at the right time, in the right channel.


Transform Insights into Profits


Customer Loyalty

Ignite your customer’s passion and earn their loyalty by delivering a 1:1 offer and experience.

How We Work With You

Our approach replaces heuristics, and segment level models with customer-level AI and machine-driven optimization




Power of Personalization

Learn how a 2000+ location restaurant chain created 1:1 engagements and offers for their twenty million plus customer loyalty program with Antuit’s Customer Loyalty solution to increase sales and customer visits with the same amount of marketing investment.

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