Quickly generate intelligent insights to drive profit

Today’s consumers expect customized, connected, cross-channel experiences. Success in this increasingly fast-moving digital age depends not only on getting the right product placed in the right retail channel but also on optimal pricing, and promotion strategies. 

Antuit accelerates your journey from insight to action by helping you identify key consumer trends and preferences, and prescribing actions. We uncover demand drivers, anticipate customer preferences and demand, and enable more profitable decisions.


Transform insights into profits


Revenue Growth Management

Optimize trade spend with advanced analytics enabling a better understanding of strategic pricing and promotional effectiveness.

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Demand Forecasting & Planning

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for dramatic improvement in forecast accuracy and planner adoption.

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How we work with you

We harness the power of advanced analytics across the demand value chain to increase your revenue, brand loyalty and consumer advocacy.




Nutritional Products Company Improves Financial Health With Test & Learn Program

See how Antuit helped a nutritional products company profitably target promotions and allocate resources to drive the greatest revenue lift per store, and ROI from campaigns, to make better decisions regarding when, where and how promotions should be rolled out across regions, markets and retail distributors.

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