Next-generation analytics solutions

Harness the power of AI, machine learning, advanced analytics and an unmatched team of experts dedicated to your success.

Antuit’s advanced analytics lab combines deep domain expertise in AI and machine learning with industry-specific focus to deliver innovative advanced analytics solutions to evolving business problems.

Our focus is on driving financially measurable results and it permeates everything we do.  At the end of the day, the latest thinking in the analytics space is only as useful as the value you realize. We focus on filling the gaps between analytics solutions and your business requirements – whether they are process- orientated or algorithm based. 

The Lab is staffed by PhD mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists with dozens of years of experience in applying machine learning techniques to the retail, CPG and manufacturing industries. From producing cutting-edge research that helps leaders confront today's big business questions to applying advanced algorithms and concepts that can anticipate tomorrow's needs, our team prides itself on partnering with you to better predict, shape and meet demand. 

Partnering for innovation

We work with companies like yours to understand how new technologies can be best leveraged to create solutions that drive real business value. Here are some examples of our work. 

  • Designed, built and implemented a computer assisted ordering system for a large DSD CPG that utilizes innovative machine learning algorithms for forecasting and optimization. Our methodology tracks multiple factors such as fill rate, sell thru, inventory, shipments and derivatives of that data to alert the company of potentially poor in store condition or out of stocks across the entire product and customer portfolio. 
  • Designed, built and implemented an assortment optimization engine that makes weekly recommendations for assortment changes for each category in every convenience store across the country to account for seasonality, outside events and rapidly changing trends.