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Five Business Myths of Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is quickly rising to the top of most companies “must have” tech list.  IDC, a research firm, predicts by 2021, enterprises will spend $52.2 billion annually on AI-related products and services, achieving significant gains from these investments.

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Video:  Driving Value Through Pricing in Omni-Channel Retail

Traditional pricing strategies are not equipped for decision making in the omni-channel space. Fluidity of inventory across channels provides new options for increased sell-through and better customer experience. However, it also adds complexity in pricing decisions that can erode margin and leave inventory stranded in the wrong places.

In this presentation, Yogesh Kulkarni discusses new and important considerations for multi-channel Retailers and how pricing optimization solutions can be used to maximize your profit margin, not only from markdown decisions, but also optimizing your inventory across all channels and locations.

 Presented by: Yogesh Kulkarni, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Pricing Analytics at the SAS® Global Forum 2019 in Dallas, TX
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6 Secrets to Omnichannel Retail Success

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and today’s consumers possess more internet-connected devices than ever before. Laptops, tablets, phones and smart watches have made our lives easier and our connections more seamless, and this includes the shopping experience.

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5 Reasons Why Your Retail Pricing Strategies Aren't Working

Regardless of product or industry, pricing strategy is deservedly one of the most deliberated aspects of any business. While many businesses today search for the fabled sweet spot that will easily bolster profits, they oftentimes fall victim to the same old-fashioned pricing mistakes.

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Meeting Demand: Advancing Your Retail Supply Chain

Retail supply chains have grown more and more complex, and companies must have end-to-end supply chain visibility to prepare for unexpected changes in demand. As such, retailers should explore practical, relevant ways to predict demand, while continuing to deliver quality, omni-channel consumer experiences.

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