These are Challenging Times. We’re Helping our Clients Through it.

We’re sharing perspectives with our clients and helping them make go-forward decisions in the current environment. Our Rapid Response Solutions provide immediate relief without long-term commitments or implementation costs.

As the industry & environment continues to evolve, so will we.

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The World's Largest Brands Trust delivers AI solutions, solving their marketing, merchandising and supply chain challenges, to transform our clients' companies.


Real Results

Our clients use artificial intelligence, in production and at scale, to drive business decisions that result in substantial, financial impact.  Read more about our client successes.


Real Artificial Intelligence

At, we differentiate ourselves from our competition with solutions that leverage the correct AI/ML algorithms in unique ways to solve real business problems.

Rather than use off-the-shelf algorithms that force fit data through pre-defined data models, our data science team are all experts in AI/ML and fully understand the nature of these algorithms – what works well and what doesn’t. Together with our engineering team, they apply critical thinking and precision engineering to the data and science, pushing the boundaries of these algorithms to produce results that are truly innovative and transformative.


Real Expertise

Antuit combines deep domain expertise with proprietary solutions and technology to enable our clients to make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions.

  • Leadership from Accenture, IBM, SAS , SAP and McKinsey
  • Dedicated team of 100+ PhDs and data scientists
  • Industry experts from Amazon, WalMart, Home Depot and Kroger
  • Cloud and Data Engineering experts from dunnhumby, Teradata and Cognizant
  • Backed by Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital

Antuit Leadership

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