Antuit is transforming companies by providing leading-edge AI-powered solutions. Our specialty is helping companies significantly improve business outcomes.



Our forecasting and pricing AI solutions increase sell-through and boost gross margins.

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Consumer Goods

Our AI solutions improve trade promotion performance and ordering accuracy.

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Our demand-based AI solutions optimize inventory and improve supply chain efficiency.

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Yogesh Kulkarni, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Pricing Analytics is a featured speaker at the SAS Global Forum, April 28 – May 1 in Dallas, TX.  Yogesh and our team will be available at the conference to answer questions and discuss how Antuit’s AI-powered Solutions can help your team make smarter decisions.

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Why Antuit

Clients trust us to deliver AI-powered solutions that solve real business problems and drive efficiencies at scale.

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Global Brands Trust Antuit to Scale.


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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Upgrade Demand Forecasting

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